NAUCC 2022
North American Unicycling Convention and Championships 2022
Newbury, Ohio
June 26 - July 2, 2022

Final Banquet

Cost $20/ticket, $10 child meal available for children 10/under

Included in ticket price - dinner, non-alcoholic bevs, desserts.  Alcohol allowed - BYOB

This will be a simple buffet style dinner that will have a variety of food options, both meat/meatless. 


A few things to note for the dinner: final awards (for Saturday events), expert awards will be presented at the banquet. We will also be having a final trivia contest – based on trivia/history/stories presented throughout the week through advertising, social media and the daily website newsletter.  People WON’T want to miss this – it’ll be fun PLUS we will have a cash prize based on a drawing from those with the most correct answers!

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